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Material Owners

Material developers may find and book processing capacities or required know-how to create new and innovative materials.

  • Test the market acceptance of new materials with minimal risk
  • Find the right system before investing
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Produce cost effectively small batches
  • Save costs
  • Get alternative quotes to optimize your supply chain based on cost, time, quality
  • Prepare the basics for your decision-making process before big investments
  • Make use of industry experts know how
  • Make use of our international network
  • Find a fast solution in case of: Extra capacity needed; Rework of off spec material
  • Supply material even in case your system is down

Material Owners

System Owners

Industrial Experts

Material Sourcing

We provide access to available production capacities and experts to people that need to use these resources to create new product

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